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My name is RaChé Creque born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland. I relocated after 22 years in my hometown to Miami, Florida. I've trained under my aunt Robin v Thompson, a well-known celebrity photographer. I never realized how fulfilling being behind a camera was to my spirit. I first got into photography back in high school when my stylish and photogenic mother, Rachel v Thompson always made me take her pictures, ''RaChé you feel like taking some pictures of me?'' -Rachel v Thompson 

If you know my mom, that question is always a rhetorical one. I've never regretted those moments. Somehow I still had no idea it was a passion of mine. In my free time, I loved to get up extra early to get dressed to take my photos. I felt like nobody ever got my angles how I could. Setting up my camera gave me so much creative freedom to capture myself how I like. Once you get the perfect photo, it's instant gratification from there. All the effort it took to achieve the perfect picture was worth it.


Even then, I still had no clue what I wanted to do with my career. I always thought I would never find my niche. When you're young like me, the feeling of not figuring out what you love to do that makes you happy can be very stressful for one's self. Especially when we're so young, we put a lot of pressure on having everything figured out right away, but it's ok to explore our options. I learned that I loved photography when I moved to Florida alot, closer to my Aunt Robin V. Where she gave me a natural push into my career, Robin saw something in me that I hadn't seen or even made a connection with myself. Robin v Thompson put me under her wing. I am very thankful my family believed in me before I could see for myself.

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